Victoria's Secret Be completed

Victoria's Secret Be completed “An eye-catching pink facade sets the tone for the new Victoria’s Secret Macau store at the Venetian Macao. Its interior features oversize chandeliers and lingerie-inspired details. The front of the store is dark and dramatic with a gallery of black-and-white supermodel imagery, while the rear of the store transforms into a bright, playful area with shocking pink accents, dominated by video screens playing footage from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Covering 15,000 sqft (1,393 sqm), it is the first VS full-assortment store in Macau and offers an intimate and glamorous fitting experience. Seating areas feature custom furniture, flocked pink and velvet finishes and signature fragrance testers, some even in the fitting rooms. Bra specialists are available to help customers find their perfect fit, and each fitting room has its own design plus a call button if help is needed.”

Lai Si Construction Macao